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Petrol Pegasus Slays the Dragon ( US129 ) 2019

Thank you John

This being my 2nd PetPeg meet-up it was AWESOME. Fair 50/50 weather for driving and many new friends to enjoy it with.
I have many photos to share and people to credit XD

Rocco Triple’s Mustang
I hate saying it, but I didn’t know this person was in our car group XD
BUT MAN his Mustang looks sharp.

Jamie’s Z33
I LOVE this red 350z. Clean as a whistle!!!!
Links to their pages 🙂

Austino’s Focus
FREAK’N LOVE THAT HOOD, and the Scoot or die sticker I want haha.
Links to their page 🙂

Snowblind05’s Miata ND
So I really like Miata, but this one is the Queen of the Changelings. I love that glass piece in the back OMG.
Links to their page

Scootertrix’s Subaru K-Truck
OMG Did i love riding around for hours in this truck. It was a straight up blast. I can safely say I rode on the Skybridge in K-Truck. Thank you Scooertrix, You fulfilled a dream I didn’t know I had.
Links to their Youtube 🙂

Now for some random photos x3

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