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PonyCon, Trips August 8, 2019 0

BronyCon 2019

Aug 1 – Aug 5. This was a amazing con. I got to take a good friend of mine with me….

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PonyCon, Trips May 15, 2019 0

Petrol Pegasus Slays the Dragon ( US129 ) 2019

This being my 2nd PetPeg meet-up it was AWESOME. Fair 50/50 weather for driving and many new friends to enjoy it…

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PonyCon July 29, 2018 0

BronyCon 2018

This being my first ponycon ever. Its was out of this world. I was able to meet really old friends for…

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PonyCon, Trips April 14, 2018 0

Petrol Pegasus Slays The Dragon ( US129 ) 2018

I was invited by my good friend Alex to do the dragon in my new car. I had a blast and…