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Honda Accord 1982 ( Restore )

June 30 – July 7, 2019

Back to the Road

So, a friend of mine’s family had a older accord, that I’ve been wanting to get running for a good long time. Well, they finally were able to get the car over to their house. After sitting for almost 15 years, this is the small story of bringing it back to life.

This is the car being unloaded off the back of the flat bed.

This is one of the coolest designed Carburetor I’ve ever worked with. The First barrel is controlled by the foot throttle like normal, But the 2nd and 3rd barrel are all done on the vacuum system.

After about 30 or so minutes, I gave up on trying to free up the OEM Carb. The throttle body was so gummed up; that I had to take it apart to clean it out and up.

Well, there was no freeing it up on the car. So off it had to come.

After heavy thought, We came to the conclusion that taking the OEM Carb off and using a 32/36 Weber Carb was the way to go when it came to part availability to keep these this car on the road.

I figured while I was tearing the motor a part, I’d look at the top end just to have a look. At 92k miles the build up wasn’t bad but to me not good. I’m hoping that with time and good oil being ran through it, what build up is there will go out the drain in time.

Starting for the first time 🙂

After putting the car all back together, We started it up again and idled it around the yard for a bit.

After that, we let the car sit over night and came back the next day to put it all back together. WELL, the car would not start. We saw taht there was not gas moving through the line so we though,” Lets replace the fuel pump”. I’ll say this, that was the easiest fuel pump to replace EVER haha. However, that did not fix the no start problem. Due to limited time that day. I had to take a 2nd day to figure out the no start problem. On day 2, I took about 5 to 10 minutes looking over things and found that one of the two main fuses had blown. So after replacing that one fuse, I decided to also repair the harness due to rats eating it away.

After that the car ran again 😀

October 23 – Oct 26, 2019

So on the night in early October. We decided to take the car out on the road for the first time. Well, as we were pulling it around the house the rad blow up and the coolant pipe on the back side of the motor popped a hole in itself. In about 2 weeks time, We got a coolant pipe in from Greece. Then I figured out a way to get a 1993 Honda DelSol rad to fit in the car due to there being not a single 1982 accord rad left on earth. So on the 23rd I put everything in to motion, while my friend Blake put the rest of the car back together.


Well it was the night on the 25th and everything was hold together great. and for the 1st time in 16 years the car, the car was set back to the Street :’3.

OH and some juke yard wheel for flair lol.

And some pictures from the 26th lol

November 28, 2019

So after drive it like a daily. I figured out that I’m getting REALLY good miles to the gallon, and that the motor felt really under powered. It still ran smooth, just not power past 2800 RPMs. So I got to looking at the carb a bit and got Blake to hit the gas. I realize that the crab was opening on only one barrel and on top of that it wasn’t opening all the way. This was keeping me from getting on the highway. In short, I was able to find a sync kit for the 32/36 Carb and was able to lower the throttle cable to a lower point on the throttle body itself. In doing so, I was able to get both barrel to open fully. AND WOW, That old EK1 motor has some GOOD power behind it. Its still leaking but I’ll change out the fuel jets at a later date lol.

I may update this one over time 😀
Thank you

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