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2005 Subura Outback Restore

Sadly I don’t really have before and after pictures of this car. So, I’ll do my best to tell the story I know about it.

So my friend Alex has to friends form the north buy a 2005 Subura Outback and it had a few to many problem. So this Outback was bought from Indiana and brought to its new home in Michigan. Well after a few weeks of ownership it was driven all the way down to my state of Georgia for a wedding. On there way back to motor blow up due to no oil in the motor. So after a few weeks of back and forth trying to find a motor and a harness. Alex and I bought the car from them. Work started right after that.

So one after work, I took the motor apart to pull it out.

And after about a hour the motor was out 🙂

SO BACK AT THE SHOP, I pulled a “Good” motor from a different Outback and start preparing it to go in it new home.

Well, I know that this car had caught fire when it blue up. So I knew I had to rebuild the harness. Sadly this is when I got to see what a shop in Adairsville did to “FIX” the problem of the car not running.

And just one more video on the matter >:(

Now that, this is out of the way. I go to work with rebuilding that harness…. THE RIGHT WAY.

With the fire and the oil and the fuel that was going EVERYWHERE under the hood of that poor car. The intake manifold got blasted with all that and looked awful. So I cleaned it up.

And now its time to put it all back together 🙂

And after fiddling around with the harness for a bit. ITS LIVES AGAIN 😀

On to the road it goes :3

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